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Perform On Top. Don't stop until you are proud!

We focus on self-improvement and professional development. We learn how to stand out on the job market and aim to unlock our full potential. We seek opportunities to become better and bounce ideas with like-minded people.

Our programs

Welcome To Sweden program

Welcome to Sweden

Job-hunting bootcamp

Placeholder for upcoming program

Shine bright

Mentorship, supervision, networking

Transition to IT program

Transition to IT

Change your career or upgrade your skills

Self-improvement program


Individual growth, empowerment, engagement

Featured project NEW

Green growth and culture project

Green growth and culture

Designing green growth learning aids for young persons with disabilities

What our members think

To be honest, we get energy and motivation from our fantastic members who understand the purpose of our community and try to help others, who come to us seeking support. They are the backbone of Perform On Top.

The founder Anastasiia and co-founders Pritama, Noopur, Kristyna, and Oleksii have a great vision. They are exceptionally talented and have a doer attitude. With their wonderful team, I am sure Perform On Top will reach new heights in the near future.

Preetha Venkatraman

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My impression on the first meeting was that I’m surrounded by people who are in my shoes and want to achieve the same goals. The environment was really friendly and positive with all these people who want to move forward in their personal and professional life.

Erik Hajdu

Erik Hajdu photo

I really like the way they deal with the things and all the instructions given by them was really helpful for us to move further and follow our dreams towards hard work.

Akansha Patel

Akansha Patel photo

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