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Transition to IT

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Transition to IT?

Mentorship program to help you with the transition to IT, or upgrading your current profession with IT skills.

About the program

We are super proud to have amazing like-minded partners who share our values and goals. Karo Academy, organized by Karo-solutions Sweden, supports the community of Perform On Top with training, courses, mentorship, and much more ensuring the comprehensive approach to help you with a transition to such a trending IT area, or complement your existing skills with relevant IT skills to boost your employability.

Message for you from Karo Academy

Our goal is to help you regain control over your future and thrive when all has become uncertain. The training allows you to study at your own pace which means that you can plan better and increase your chances to succeed. The greatest value a mentor will offer you is wisdom. A Mentor brings experience, guidance, insights, and advice to the table. Take advantage of it. If you have not thought of how you will reach your career goals, no worries! Together, we will think of how you can get there. The program is free.

For more information, questions, and interest please contact either Karo Academy directly, or reach out to our project manager via email:

Oleksii Shevtsov: oleksii@performontop.com

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