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It is all the actions we take and the new things we learn, alone or in a group, so we become more skilled and come closer to our goals.

Why being active?

There are a lot of projects and activities that can help you improve your skills and personal life, as well as drive interest from employers: to volunteer for an association, design a blog, develop an app, start a portfolio project, build mockups or prototypes, join a collaborative project, organize events, offer workshops, create videos, learn a new subject, do craft activities, fundraise for a cause, start a club…

Examples of events and activities for self-improvement at Perform On Top

  • Social activities. Walks, meet-ups, creative workshops: each month we offer you to experience something new.
  • Speaking Swedish. Whatever your level of the Swedish language is, we meet on a regular basis to practice speaking Swedish. Join our Språkkafe with Perform On Top group on Facebook to practice basic to intermediate Swedish. If you you need to polish your advanced Swedish, join the meetup Remote Advanced SWEDISH Conversation every Sunday, 15:00-16:30, online.
  • Cultural workshops and invited guest speakers. Depending on needs and opportunities, we organize cultural workshops, self-improvement lectures, and events.
  • Remote English debate club. If you need to learn to make compelling arguments, scrutinize others' ideas, defend yourself from attacks and persuade audience in your point of view – join the Remote English Debate Club meetup, every Tuesday, 18:00, online.

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