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It is all the actions we take and the new things we learn, alone or in a group, so we become more skilled and come closer to our goals.

About the concept

Through different self-improvement activities, Perform On Top builds a strong community where each of us can find support, learn, and grow. The concept was initially developed by Laurence Herpelinck - she supported families of ex-pats from the International School of the Gothenburg Region in their integration journey through the initiative “Embrace Sweden”. Now Laurence is the key driving force in Self-Improvement activities within Perform On Top.

Why being active?

Staying active way while looking for a job, being in an employment pause, or going through a career transition will empower you for the future.

There are a lot of projects and activities that can help you improve your skills and personal life, as well as drive interest from employers: to volunteer for an association, design a blog, develop an app, start a portfolio project, build mockups or prototypes, join a collaborative project, organize events, offer workshops, create videos, learn a new subject, do craft activities, fundraise for a cause, start a club…

When you are part of the action, you integrate smoothly, in a fun and social way, into Swedish society.

Examples of events and activities for self-improvement

  • Co-working and brainstorming together. If you are working on a personal or business project, we meet on a regular basis to exchange our achievements and challenges. Join our Idea Brainstorming and Co-working with Perform On Top group on Facebook.
  • Social activities. Walks, meet-ups, creative workshops: each month we offer you to experience something new.
  • Speaking Swedish. Whatever your level of the Swedish language is, we meet on a regular basis to practice speaking Swedish. We share a theme and talk about it for about one hour. Join our Språkkafe with Perform On Top group on Facebook.
  • Cultural workshops and invited guest speakers. Depending on needs and opportunities, we organize cultural workshops, self-improvement lectures, and events.

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