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Who is UPBranding for – alumni speaking


Zhaniya Ukbaeva

Business Consultant

For those who are willing to monetize hobby or scale current businesses.


Sayora Bekzhanova

Founder of the educational project

For people who need more support and guidance.


Oksana Klymenko

Founder of SunnyChildhood.Club

For those who want to start own businesses but don't have needed expertise and knowledge.

Why does UPBranding work?

Systematic approach​ and professional guidance
Discipline, hard work, and goal orientation
Technical, informational, and emotional support
We become a team - and we don't stop until we are proud!
I believe that UPBranding is an essential course because of several reasons. First, the course disciplines not only your actions but also thoughts. The course is a lighthouse, a magic wand for those who are lost in thoughts, ideas, and don't know how and where to go. Secondly, it provides a huge set of theories, tools, expertise for those who have sketches and project ideas, but no plan on how to implement them. There is also a wide network, which provides great support to all participants both during the course and afterward.

Anna Karanda

Food-Photographer, UPBranding alumna

Recognition of accomplishment and inner transformation


First of all, at the end of the course, you will receive a certificate about completion of an international program of professional development UPBranding

In addition, you will have a privilege to apply for obtaining a status of Honorary Representative in Perform On Top ©

Honorary Representatives lead by example pursuing the life-long path towards becoming the best possible version of selves and adhere to the main slogan "Don't stop until you're proud!"


Borozdina Helena

founder "Cosy loft by Elenka"

UPBranding alumna

I am fulfilled because during such a short period of time I organized my thoughts, overcame diffidence and gained inner confidence to pursue my dream.

Who will guide you through UPBranding?
Meet the team!



UPBranding Author and Key Facilitator

Your success – is my success! I will help you set the goal and achieve it! We will not stop until we are proud!



Marketing and Brand Strategist

I'm a digital marketer, designer, and professional storyteller. I'll help you share your unique story with the world, so let's get started!



Technical Lead

"Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world" (Hillary Clinton). It's an honor for me to help them make our world a better place.

UPBranding pricing includes

  • Coaching towards your goals and tasks by the UPBranding team
  • Creating a website for your project using UPBranding template
  • Registration and learning to use relevant international online platforms
  • Social Media branding and marketing strategy development
  • Certificate of UPBranding Professional Development Program completion
  • 60 minutes of individual coaching after the course
  • Access to the secret Facebook chat after the end of the course
  • Certificate of Honorary Representative of Perform On Top © (optional)

We work as a team and we don't stop until we are proud!

UPBranding formats


  • Start when you need
  • Get 100% of attention
  • Flexible meeting time



Mini group

  • Groups start every 2-3 months
  • Work in a small group of 2-4 people
  • Meeting schedule is decided by the group



Payment options*: mastercard visa privat24

* Currency conversion and banking commission may affect final price.


  • How long is UPBranding and how much time does it require per day?

    UPBranding lasts 22 days and requires approximately 1,5-2 hours per day.

  • In which Languages exists UPBranding?

    Currently, UPBranding exists in three languages - English, Russian and Ukrainian.

  • Is UPBranding a group program or individual?

    UPBranding is available both in a group and individually. Please, request availability.

  • Is UPBranding On-Line or Off-Line program?

    UPBranding is mostly it is On-Line, but it is also available Off-Line in Gothenburg, Sweden - where Anastasiia (The Author and Key Facilitator of UPBranding) currently lives.

  • Who is UPBranding for?

    Some people are looking for starting a business, while some need help with scaling their existing business. We help in both cases.

  • Which business areas can you help with during UPBranding?

    We have two main categories of clients now:
    - talented crafters of all possible kinds
    - individual service-providers such as freelancers, consultants, coaches, psychotherapists, tutors, sports instructors etc.

  • What exactly will I do and get after the program UPBranding?

    The program UPBranding begins with identifying your professional long term and short term goals. Based on them, you and the team of experts (Anastasiia - professional and personal coach, Pritama - brand developer and marketologist, and Alex - technical lead) figure out how to get the most during UPBranding. Together we make a clear step by step plan - and follow it. At the end of the program, we achieve the desired objectives in aspects of your brand and presence online. For example, we cover such aspects as naming your brand (branding or rebranding), building an online presence with creating a website from scratch, developing social media strategy, registration on international platforms for scaling your business and so on. Each case is unique and the goals are: for you - to take maximum from UPBranding, for us - to make sure we meet and fulfill all your needs.

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