"Mental Fitness"
peer support group
for Immigrants

Gothenburg, Sweden

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  • Most of us are mentally healthy, but how "mentally fit" are we?

    We all know what physical health is and what is the difference between being "physically healthy" and "physically fit". Most of us are mentally healthy, but how "mentally fit" are we? "Mental fitness" includes multiple aspects: starting from self-awareness and emotional intelligence to self-management and social skills.

  • We all know the benefits of being physically fit, but why do we want to be mentally fit?

    Did you know that...

    • A high score on "Emotional Intelligence" scales is linked to being more employable, promotable and better paid.
    • "Mentally fit" individuals report a significantly higher level of overall wellbeing and quality of life.
    • People who practice self-managing techniques behave more self-confidently and have a higher sense of self-worth.
    • Higher self-awareness and social awareness are linked to a higher standard of life.
  • How do we become "mentally fit"?

    Exactly as physical health requires a comprehensive approach with regular exercising, proper eating habits, hygiene, and discipline - "mental fitness" also requires "mental exercises", "proper thinking habits", "mental hygiene" and discipline. Building "mental fitness" is a process and there is always room for growth and improvement.

Join us on our journey! Together we practice techniques, tackle individual issues, learn to incorporate different practices in life, and build needed skills to succeed with goals.

We meet on a regular basis every other Friday, at 6 PM. Contact us to receive more information on how to join.

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