Shared kitchen

Food enterpreneurship

What is

Shared kitchen?

Test project with micro-entrepreneurs cooking and selling home-made food.

What we do

We are running a test-project with micro-entrepreneurs cooking and selling home-made food, and individuals interested in starting it. We want to help you thrive, discuss your needs, and offer you the support/platform/visibility/etc. you need, and assist you in establishing your own company.

Our vision

  • To get access to a kitchen where our participants could cook or bake
  • To get more foreigners and unemployed people to the job market
  • Create space and events for communities to interact, connect through food
  • Foster intercultural exchange and bonding
  • Create new job opportunities
  • Offer support to legalize businesses

What we want to realize

  • Establishing a common shared professional kitchen available for microentrepreneurs to use
  • Support micro-entrepreneurs to settle company/brand/services
  • Full support through the legal steps
  • Offer marketing and selling opportunities through social events: international food festivals, cooking workshops

For more information, questions, and interest please contact our project manager via email:

Irina Widmer:

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