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Joint effort?

Together with industry players we eliminate barriers and create opportunities for you.

For you, a newcomer in Sweden

We know how important it is to get a chance to prove yourself professionally in a new country. This is why we work on creating such possibilities for you. We eliminate barriers and create opportunities in industry.

MERPHI is the pioneer-company which opened it's doors for our members. They are ambitious and innovative consultancy firm in Gothenburg, providing solutions in multiple domains of digitalization.

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Inovo Tech offer a wide range of consulting services and workforce solutions. They provide HR management to organizations and help them address their critical talent needs by providing comprehensive workforce management.

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Technogarden is a consulting and recruitment company for businesses in industry, IT, life science, management, and telecom. They help technology-driven companies ensure the right skills for the right needs in the long and short term.

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Do you represent a company?

During these turbulent times in order to battle economic crisis we have to be more creative than ever before. This is why we are actively looking for more partnerships in industry. We think practically and we understand the system. With creating win-win possibilities, together we can tackle unemployment in Sweden and improve lives! Does your company want to lead by example and contribute to a common wellbeing?

Together with you, our new partner, we want to create possibilities for our community through:

  • internships
  • consultancy projects
  • professional training programs
  • different types of employment

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