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Anastasiia about image

About Anastasiia

She has an extensive clinical and research experience in the USA. She is currently living in Sweden where she has established her private practice. Being a philosopher in heart and a researcher in mind, in her professional and personal life Anastasiia combines strong moral values with the latest trends in clinical practice and science.

As a clinician, Anastasiia’s primary focus is on helping individuals live meaningful, fulfilled, and productive lives. She believes that the core value in life lies in deep meaningful relationships and personal self actualization. Anastasiia believes that any crisis is a transition, and the goal is not just to survive a crisis, but to overcome it having become stronger and more successful. Anastasiia facilitates growth and helps her clients become the best possible versions of selves.

In research Anastasiia is focused on how environmental factors shape identity, and, in return, how individuals influence local and global communities. Being a published author in scientific international peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals, Anastasiia develops, implements, and evaluates interventions for improving communities.

Anastasiia is compassionate, intelligent, dependable, and insightful. She is curious about the world around her and seriously studies, researches, listens and contributes in any job that she undertakes. Anastasiia sees the value of professional development and life-long learning. She has become an active member in numerous associations and earned certifications in many areas of study. I recommend Anastasiia Tsarenko with highest enthusiasm.

Anna Marie Yates, Ph.D., NCC, LPC
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Find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.

Deepak Chopra

What is success? Success is a very individual concept and each and every one of us will define it differently. In our minds, we envision certain pictures of how we want our lives to look and how we want ourselves to feel. Sometimes we are aware where we want to be tomorrow, but we either don't know how to get there, or we have certain barriers, inner blocks, and fears which keep us away from performing on top of our abilities and getting what we want. Very often we don't even entirely realize how we imagine success, but we may feel that today we are not in the place where we want to be tomorrow. Since "success" is a very abstract idea, there doesn't exist neither a one-size-fits-all strategy nor shortcut approach.

Independently of how success looks like personally for you in your mind, and what exactly holds you back from reaching it, Anastasiia believes that everyone can be successful and everyone can get that emotional state when one wakes up in the morning fulfilled, content, energized, driven, and positive about the future. Anastasiia's role in this journey is to help with identifying your goal and developing a plan. Anastasiia provides support during the growth process, and, when needed, — helps to make adjustments during the journey. The key in this journey is to make a mindshift from feeling powerless and fearful — to gaining control, taking ownership of your own life and feeling empowered and fearless about any possible predicaments along the way. When you feel empowered, you are unstoppable, you dream big and, in one way or another, find the way to get where you want.

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